Perspectives on reality: First grader edition

Yesterday while doing my weekly volunteer gig at a local elementary school, I witnessed a masterpiece in the denial of reality perpetrated by a first grade boy. It went like this:

Boy, addressing a small group in the hallway, led by a teacher:
“It’s not our day to have Tier 3.” (the name for his math practice session)

“Yes, today is Friday. We have Tier 3 on Fridays.”

“No, it’s not the day for Tier 3.”

“Friday is always the day for Tier 3.”

“But it’s the wrong time. We’re not having Tier 3 right now.”

Do you see me sitting here with the book? Do you see your friends around the table? We are having Tier 3 right now and you need to sit down and join us.”

“No, it’s not the right time and it’s not the right day.”

“We are having Tier 3 now, and you will sit down and get to work.”

Boy, thinking carefully about his last-ditch response:
“I don’t LIKE Tier 3.”
No dice. He sat down and got to work.

Why did I find this scene so funny? Because I’ve tried the exact same tactic on a grown-up level. Don’t like the realities of a situation? Pretend they don’t exist!

I don’t think it works much better for me than it did yesterday for my first grade friend.


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