Ten thoughts? Hope that’s not too ambitious…


Here we go:

1. I don’t exactly enjoy being wide awake at 3:30, but since that seems to be a fairly common fact of my life at this stage, I might as well take advantage of it with a post-writing session. Assuming I can come up with ten coherent thoughts in the middle of the night…

2. Yesterday I had a comment from a new reader on my post from last week about “sewing Susan.” What a joy to discover that someone has that particular weird advertisement in her home, a memento of her grandmother. Thanks for that, Sassy02!

3. The Husband got a funny text from The Boy last night, having received his Easter package. The package contained a “Bit o’ Honey,” (don’t ask me why – The Husband threw it in, though I consider it the rutabaga of candy: bizarre and inedible). The Boy’s comment via text: “Bit o’ Honey is a long-term commitment.” Quite. And there’s no shame in discontinuing that particular commitment.

4. A good friend of Middle Sister is celebrating the Passover in Israel this year (and this week). She’s a great kid. She’s been saving up for this trip for a couple of years, and went to the lengths of graduating early from high school so she could fit this trip in before she begins college in the fall. It’s lovely to think that last year’s declaration of “Next year in Israel!” from last year’s Seder came true for this special young woman.

5. It’s now 4:04 AM and the spring birds have just this moment begun their morning song. Considering our nasty, snowy day yesterday and the continuing cold, I have to admire their optimism.

6. Oh my gosh, we haven’t bought any Peeps yet this year! It’s a disgusting Easter tradition…especially the part where we put them in the microwave and watch them grow like some kind of horror movie special effect.

7. I find it’s really true what they say about screen time right before bed stimulating your brain so that it can’t settle down to sleep. And here I sit at 4:10 looking at my iPad and typing. Note to self: Never go to bed without a good book (hard copy!) on my bedside table.

8. The Husband is now up and wandering through the house. I think his CPAP mask was making a weird noise and woke him. Any moment now he’s going to come to bed and tell me I shouldn’t be on my iPad in the middle of the night if I ever want to get back to sleep.

9. Yup. He said it.

10. I’m now accepting the inevitable and signing off, in order to go downstairs and get a book to read.

Good night!


5 thoughts on “Ten thoughts? Hope that’s not too ambitious…

  1. Love Bit O Honey. sigh…one of my new resolutions is to quit being mad that I can’t fall asleep or stay asleep if I do fall asleep. I’m going to do something constructive. All those things I stress about because I can’t get to them, well that’s when I’m going to do them. THAT will surely make me sleepy.


    • I don’t know – I think stress makes me wide awake instead of sleepy!

      I simply can’t imagine loving Bit O Honey. πŸ™‚ My dad always did, along with those nasty Brach’s chalk mints and orange circus peanuts.


  2. LOL about the Bit O Honey! I used to LOVE that candy (as challenging as it was to eat) Oh yuck , I’ve never liked Peeps. πŸ˜›
    You had SNOW yesterday?! O_O I hope it warms up for you sooooonnn! πŸ˜€
    Hahahha, I totally read it as “his CRAP mask” — instead of CPAP. Thanks for the laugh! πŸ˜‰


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