Beautiful spring evening

This winter felt so long it seemed there would never again come a time when it would be light enough for a walk after dinner.

But tonight, after dinner, I went on a few errands with The Husband and THEN still had plenty of daylight for a walk. On these spring days I’ve enjoyed the parade of blooms:

First – crocuses, then: narcissus, daffodil, snowdrops, forsythia, Bradford pear, hyacinth, tulip trees…and now phlox, tulips, bugles, redbuds, and flowering crabapples. Soon will come the spirea, hydrangea, and irises.

It’s like living in the Secret Garden.

Overheard while out walking: Two boys playing and goofing around in their driveway, calling in to their mom, “Can we stay out just a little longer? Five minutes?”

Ahhhhh…spring is really here.



6 thoughts on “Beautiful spring evening

  1. Beautiful tree. I love the Redbuds! I also like the snowdrop. The snowdrop flower symbolizes hope and new beginnings. My favorite flower. Enjoy your Spring!


    • It’s a redbud. We have one in our back yard that we call “the Baby Tree” because it was tiny when our oldest was a toddler. We mowed over it several times in its first few years of life, and it just kept coming back! They are so pretty in the spring!


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