possumThough I’m well aware that there’s a lot of wildlife running around our suburban neighborhood (where we’ve lived for 25 years), this morning’s sighting of a possum on our back porch was a new one.

I’ve seen foxes, raccoon, even a deer – complete with antlers – trotting down our street. But this little guy was a complete surprise. Thankfully Middle Sister had her phone and got a quick shot.

In other backyard wildlife news, we have a pair of cardinals for the first time in several years – always a treat.

And our robin family is getting along quite well. We think the little peeps cracked out yesterday. I missed an awesome photo this morning when Mama robin was peeking over the edge of the gutter on the roof, looking at me to see if I noticed her and whether it was safe to swoop over to the nest. You can just barely make out her silhouette here as she sits on the eggs/babies.

nesting robin








Such fun, right here in our own back yard!


5 thoughts on “Whoapossum!

  1. I swear, those critters are everywhere! We never saw an armadillo in Washington state, but possums, yes–they make great roadkill. (I apologize to any animal lovers, but this critter is a bit dense in the brain)


    • My husband cared for one over the summers while he was in high school (along with a skunk, a raccoon, a squirrel, and various snakes) because he worked for the school environmental lab. He says possums are really quite disgusting – mean and incredibly smelly.


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