Final follow-up on cell phone purgatory

One week after the theft of Middle Sister’s cell phone, we (mostly) have resolution to the whole debacle. Though we know definitively who took the phone, we’ve given up on ever getting it back.

check markAfter all the tussles with our phone company following their complete screw up of our account transfers, here’s what we got as restitution for our pain and suffering:

  • $100 store credit (which covers the cost of my new iPhone)
  • $150 credit on our monthly bill
  • $10 monthly reduction on my data plan, which pays for the increased cost of having an iPhone data plan

Of course, The Husband (aka “The Consumer From Hell”) had to initiate the hour-long phone call that resulted in this resolution. And, of course, our next phone bill will not reflect any of these changes and he will have to spend more time on the phone getting the bill corrected. But corrected they will be, and by the second month of billing cycle, all will be reflected correctly. That’s how it always works.

I’m quite certain that almost all customer service departments (and insurance companies) bank on the fact that 98% of customers will get fed up with waiting on hold, explaining their complaint repeatedly, and calling back over and over again. Because businesses know most customers will give up, they’re lazy about their services, and they tack extra costs that will never be challenged. It’s infuriating.

In an interesting aside, I had a visit with my pals at the Apple Story genius bar this week for help getting my phone synced to my iPad. It was a dubious success. My calendar is synced, and that’s good. Some of my contacts are synced. But my phone is getting reminders from a year ago. And I received contacts that actually belong to a coworker, who has a work iPad that is synced to my work iPad. Took me awhile to figure out who “Aunt Diane” was…until I also discovered the names of his two sisters in my contacts, too. Strangely, I definitely did not get all his contacts in the syncing process – just a few select ones.

Technology is weird.



4 thoughts on “Final follow-up on cell phone purgatory

    • Me too! I’ve texted our son numerous times this week for tech help. And he’s going to load music for me tomorrow in the few minutes I’ll get to see him while he’s home.


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