Stupid Stuff Saturday

I guess this is my off-day version of Ten Thoughts Tuesday…

It’s being a weird weekend.

The Boy is in town but I haven’t actually spoken to him or seen him (except in his bed asleep just now) because…

We decided at the last minute to go to Middle Sister’s concert at the world-renowned Kaufmann Center (Note: on the program was Mozart’s Requiem, and a boy in front of us had finger puppets of Mozart and Salieri – so cool!) so we left the house early and The Boy didn’t come in until 3:00. I know he’s  here to see his friends and not me, and I can live with that. Actually I bribed him to spend the some time at home by offering him a swap – I’ll do his laundry if he’ll load tons of music from his Macbook to my new iPhone.

Anyway, yesterday was one of The Husband’s long work days, so he ended up having to meet me at the Kauffman (with many bizarre stories from his day such as slicing the top of his head open on a granite counter top and being rear-ended by a speeding driver on the highway while in his enormous truck).

I left my iPad at work when I left on  for the weekend on Thursday, and haven’t had a moment to go back and get it…so I’m trying to get by with the iPhone (incredibly inconvenient) and the house laptop (which is anchored in the basement and is NOT my favorite device). Anyway, I’ll disconnected and disoriented as a result.

Oh, and I met a couple of old friends for a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop yesterday afternoon. Asked for a decaf frozen drink because any caffeine after 11:00 am is a BAD idea for my system. It was a new barista….and I discovered too late (when I was  literally shaking and ready to crawl out of my skin the rest of the afternoon) that there had to have been a shot of espresso in there. Wide awake most of the night. That’s how I know what time The Boy got in.

Tried to have my first-of-the-season breakfast on the back porch, with our robin family and colorful blooms all over…but a thunderstorm hit just as I got the newspaper, coffee, and banana onto the table.

Ah, well. Third world problems. It still promises to be a lovely day, in spite of the rain, lack of sleep, stressed husband, and zonked-out 19-year-old boy.

Happy Saturday!

Late breaking news: I just discovered that the new barista who served me caffeinated coffee yesterday afternoon was the daughter of a friend, adding another weird dimension to this already strange weekend. Oh, dear…


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