Another installment of “photos from my phone.”

Not feeling very write-y today, so instead I’ll share a few interesting snaps…

The view from the girls’ bedroom this time of year is lovely. This dogwood tree was a Mother’s Day gift many years ago.


This view is not so nice. It’s of a landslide that happened in Baltimore this week, just ten blocks from Oldest Sister’s house, and right in front of the house of a friend of hers. Frightening.


A headline in today’s paper that I just had to send to The Boy first thing this morning.


And a quick and simple project I did at church yesterday that turned out beautifully. One of the ribbons I used was so gorgeous I literally grabbed it off the shelf, hugged it, and didn’t let go until time to pay.



Close-up view. I could run these buttons through my fingers all day.


Have a happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Another installment of “photos from my phone.”

  1. Buttons! My husband found a can of buttons at my father-in-laws. It was to go to the donate pile–until this hoarder caught wind of it. I’m not sure what I’ll do with all the buttons I have, but this looks like a great idea!


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