Stuff on Saturday

Saturday seems to be a good day for random musings…

image+I had completely forgotten that I planted these bugles last year. Can’t remember their scientific name, but I love them. Planning to put more in the front yard flower beds this year, to enjoy next spring.

+In the back of my mind I had kind of planned to do my main gardening push today – mulching, planting, weeding. But somehow I forgot the part where you buy the mulch and the bedding plants…so I guess that’s a project for next weekend. I hope the gorgeous weather holds.

+Looking at Facebook this morning I got a jolt from the past – it was all-state solo and ensemble/banquet week at our high school, with the annual pops show coming up next weekend. It’s odd to be missing out on all that stuff, and I realize now that the lack of all these annual school events is why the fact that it’s spring hasn’t really settled in. I’ve always built life around the calendar of kids’s school events…guess I need a new yardstick.

+ENORMOUS breakthrough this week…(and I’m kicking myself for being such an idiot). I’ve stopped drinking coffee for several days in a row, and I’m now sleeping like a rock at night. I have a pretty serious issue with sleepiness in the afternoons, but I can live with that. So it’s tea in the morning for the time being. Well, perhaps coffee as a treat when I’ve got a super long day ahead.

+Oldest is on an adventure to IKEA with her friends today, buying a double bed and some patio furniture. I love imagining her out and about having fun – she works very long, hard hours pretty much every day of the week, so
she deserves a break.

+Middle Sister is having a cultural outing day with a good friend – an antiquity exhibit at Union Station, a visit to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and in the evening the senior recital of a friend at her university. This daughter has been seriously over-stressed this year, and I’m glad to see her off having a day of pure fun, as well.

Well, that seems like enough thoughts from the ether for one day. Time to get out into the sunshine!


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