Cooking shortcuts

I don’t always love cooking. But I don’t like to (nor can we afford) to eat out very often.

So over time I’ve learned tons of shortcuts for making good food easier and faster to cook and clean up.

Our menus for the last couple of nights are good examples:

imageLast night:
•Home-made quiche (shortcuts: Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust, sliced Swiss and havarti cheeses that can quickly be cut into little cubes, and fresh, pre-washed spinach from a bag)
•Side dish: a bag of pre-washed salad with my own instant special touches of Trader Joe’s julienned sun dried tomatoes and a toss of balsamic vinegar and olive oil

•Beef and mushroom kebabs (I cut the steak in the morning and marinated it all day, then quickly assembled the skewers as the grill heated)
•Oven roasted asparagus (fast and easy to clean up: line the pan with parchment paper, toss the asparagus spears with a bit of olive oil and lemon pepper, and bake at 425 for 5-6 minutes)
•Uncle Ben’s precooked brown bismati rice (only 90 seconds in the microwave, and then tossed with a sprinkle of chicken bullion crystals)

On the menu for tomorrow night is black bean chicken salad. No shortcut for cooking and cubing chicken, I’m afraid. Bleh. But the simplicity of Friday and Saturday’s meals will make the chicken salad seem do-able.

Doesn’t hurt to have a 20-year-old live-in sous chef…Middle Sister is almost always willing to be the cutter-upper of the chicken. Especially when the result is a delicious chicken salad we can take in our lunches the following day. Yum!

What cooking shortcuts do you keep handy?


5 thoughts on “Cooking shortcuts

    • Really? I don’t make waffles very often because it seems like such a chore. I guess really it’s not – it just seems that way because the waffle iron is always shoved way to the back of the cabinet…


      • hahaha! Ours is too….but it’s the one dinner my husband will cook. For some reason, he likes waffles better than pancakes, which that griddle is much easier to access. I do like your ideas, and I think I will try them!


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