Signs of the season

It seems that the REAL spring has finally stepped onto the stage. How can I tell?

•I ate my breakfast al fresco for the first time this morning, amidst beautiful purple petunias, bugles, and phlox. My breakfast company was the robin family, with three fledglings ready to fly the nest.

image•Middle Sister has redecorated her dry erase board to reflect the joyous season. And she’s sporting an adorable sundress for her classes today.

•I’ll be able to dine al fresco for lunch, as well – some kind soul brought the picnic table at church out of storage and placed it on the lush grass, where I can sit barefoot and soak up the sunshine over the noon hour.

•The Boy is making a quick visit this weekend, to bring home some of his dorm stuff. In another week he’ll be home for the summer and then the fun begins! (By fun I mean our trip to visit Oldest in Baltimore AND a long list of projects I need him to tackle over the summer months. I’m sure his definition of fun is rather different).

•Last evening’s dinner of black bean chicken salad with fresh cilantro, and side of sliced peppers with buttermilk ranch dip. Perfect warm weather meal.

I hope the weather is as beautiful and cheering for you, wherever you might find yourself!

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