One year down…almost

Special day today, and at the top of the list is a road trip to The Boy’s university town.

With almost an entire freshman year under his belt, it’s time for his voice final. They don’t allow anyone but faculty to sit in on this final, so his vocal professor very kindly offered to do an extra lesson with The Boy, a kind of short recital in order to let his doting mother hear him sing solo for the first time in almost a year. Over that year my baby has grown 2 1/2″ and his voice has changed from a heartbreakingly smooth tenor to a rich, full baritone/bass (he’s sent me a couple of poor-quality recordings in the last few months, so I know that much). I will definitely have a handful of Kleenex ready to catch the tears.

imageWhile we’re there, we’ll be loading up half his dorm stuff to bring home. It’s not like we haven’t done this before, but I completely forgot until a couple of weeks ago about that moving back and forth every autumn and spring thing. So the back seats are out of the van, the bike rack is strapped on, and the first stage of the moving will commence. He’ll bring the rest of his stuff with him next week after finals are over.

So the difficult first year of nearly empty nest is almost over. Difficult is rather an understatement, really. But I do find that I almost never cry over missing my babies any more. I guess that’s progress, considering that nine months ago I was in tears several times a day.

Of course, there’s the fact that one will soon be home for three months and we’re going to see the other in a couple of weeks. I’m sure that’s making it all easier right now. It helps immeasuably to have that time together to look forward to.

And now, time to hit the road. Let the big day begin!


4 thoughts on “One year down…almost

  1. Well, the humidity can be pretty bad, I’m afraid. It comes and goes. But by all accounts the Deep South is much worse. So maybe you’ll find it a bit of a relief?


  2. Your post created tears for me. Our daughter moved into her new place in Montana for her second Bachelor’s. She’s in an accelerated nursing course, and starts school on Monday. Thankfully, we didn’t have to move her. 🙂


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