More Stuff on Saturday

Yesterday was so much fun I’ve still got snapshots, videos, and gifs of it racing through my mind. Best way to clear it all out is a random Saturday post…

imageSix hour drive through the lovely Flint Hills to Wichita to hear The Boy sing for 15 minutes The drive was fun, with Middle Sister by my side. The Boy sounded beautiful – his voice has matured so much and his characterization on his Mozart was brilliant. And I got to meet his vocal professor, who is an absolute gem. I think she’s almost as enamored of my son as I am.

Lunch and hanging out with two of my darlings Seeing them interact, watching them make each other laugh, hearing them compliment each other on their growth and progress this year – pure heaven.

More about the drive through the Flint Hills This geographic feature of our plains state is very cool. The abundance of BAD theology of fire-and-brimstone billboards along the route is not cool at all. Examples: “Righteousness makes a nation great, but sin is a cancer to all people.” (there are three of these) ; “Jesus is the ONLY answer!”. (Really? Even if the question is “what time is it?!?”) ; “Accept Jesus and live! —OR REGRET IT FOREVER!” (I could just about guarantee you that this warning has never made a single convert, if that’s what its originator was going for.) Seriously, now – how can these signs on the side of the highway possibly be helpful or meaningful to anyone? It’s a symptom of the side of my state that makes me quite ill.

Attending our high school “pops” concert immediately after getting back home. This one was kind of tough, though immensely enjoyable. It’s a show that’s expertly managed in terms of direction, lights, and sound. There’s a professional band accompanying the acts, and it’s choreographed by a professional, as well. Besides the true impressiveness of the show, it’s a farewell gift and and a good-bye from the seniors just about to move on, and a showcase for unbelievable singing, dancing, and playing. For us it was a reunion of old friends we don’t see as much now, as well. It was hard for me to realize that exactly one year ago I walked out of those school doors sobbing, knowing it was my very last time to clean up, to enjoy the “kiss and cry” area; that I had to leave our beloved school for the very last time after seven awesome years. A year ago it was the weekend of The Boy’s graduation party, Oldest Sister was in town for the big events, and I was in tears regularly. Last night I got to give many encouraging hugs to mom who are now experiencing that same joy and pain. I gave just as many hugs to kids that have meant so much to our family, and told them how proud I was. Sigh…

Today: another wonderful day. Beautiful weather. The Boy home for one brief day before he comes back for the summer in one more week. Early morning trip to our downtown Farmer’s Market – a much-loved spring and summer Saturday tradition. Planting the colorful blooms I picked up at a nearby nursery a couple of days ago (what a joy to take a leisurely stroll through the rows and rows of flowers – an annual adventure that’s ripe with anticipation and possibilities – before the reality of plant care kicks in and I kill most of my dear purchases).

There. I’ve purged all those lovely images in my mind and I’m ready to start the day. Happy, happy times. May your day be equally satisfying!


4 thoughts on “More Stuff on Saturday

  1. “Jesus is the ONLY answer!”. (Really? Even if the question is “what time is it?!?”) – LOL! My daughter and I JUST had this conversation the other day! 😉


    • There are any number of religious freaks around here, I’m afraid. They are pretty old, so maybe I should just hope that there’s no one out there who really likes that crap, but no one has the authority to take them down. That would be nice.


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