What does the mom say?

On this rather odd Mother’s Day (only one child home – first time ever) I started musing about things I’ve said to my kids over the years. I would like to think that my positive words outweighed the negative, but I’d be afraid to bet on it.

You know those retrospective sit-com episodes where they go back and show short clips from previous years? Here’s a retrospective of the life of a mom:

She’s perfect!
Could you get up with him this time?
Help! We’re out of baby wipes!
She just barfed again. Your turn.
Stop running the Duplo car over your baby sister’s face!
imageI love you.
You two play train in a tunnel under my legs while I nurse the baby, and then we’ll go outside and play.
I love you.
No, we’re not having macaroni and cheese for supper any more this week.
Are you sure you want to try playing soccer?
Are you sure you want to put on the shin guards and the cleats?
Are you sure you don’t want to play soccer?
Where’s the receipt for the shin guards and the cleats?
It’s okay that you don’t like soccer. I want you to find something you do like.
Did you find many interesting bugs while you were standing upside down in the Teeball field with your head between your legs for the whole entire inning?
I love you even when you don’t like to play Teeball.
No, I don’t think it’s broken.
I think it’s broken – call the doctor.
I love you and you’re going to be just fine.
No hitting your sister in church.
Stop looking at your sister.
Don’t hang upside down from the tire swing.
Don’t turn the ground under the tire swing into a giant mud pit.
Don’t swing upside down on the tire swing in the giant mud pit.
Don’t come into the house until I hose the mud from the mud pit off of you.
I love you.
Do you think you could try to stop talking constantly in class? It would make your teacher really happy.
Yes, I’ll be the room parent.
You need new “concert attire” dress pants again?
We just bought you new concert dress pants for the last concert…are you sure you can’t tug them down just a bit?
You need bigger black dress shoes for the concert?
What do you mean your new concert hose already have a run in them?
I love you.
The choir trip is going to cost how much!?!?
Yes, I’ll go on the field trip with you.
Don’t forget your lunch box!
Yes, I’ll bring your lunch box to you.
Don’t forget your permission slip!
Yes, I’ll bring your permission slip to you.
I love you.
Yes, I think we can squeeze in one more college visit before the end of the year.
How many photos are you supposed to turn in for the banquet slide show?
Don’t forget that scholarship essay deadline.
Don’t forget that application deadline.
Did you get your teacher to read over your scholarship essay?
Yes, I’ll do your online sign-up for the SAT.
I love you.
Are you sure you can’t just wear your sister’s cap and gown?
I love you.
You want how many cake balls for the grad party?
I love you.
Please try to be home at some point tomorrow.
I love you.
We’ve got to spend a few hours buying dorm stuff today – please try to be home for awhile.
I love you.
Your sister’s going to be home tomorrow – I’d like you here for dinner.
I love you.
Never said aloud:
Please don’t go.
Do you have to go so far away?
Don’t forget to call.
I’m going to miss you every single moment.

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.


12 thoughts on “What does the mom say?

  1. Lovely memories. Though I have created some memories in the almost three years of motherhood, mine are nowhere as huge as yours. But I will get there in another 10-15 years.

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!


    • I’ll bet you’ll enjoy every minute of those years, just as I did. Well, I guess i didn’t enjoy every minute as it was happening, but in retrospect I’m thankful for every minute. 🙂


  2. I saw a whole bunch of positives in there. Just wait….a couple of them are going to bounce right back home. Right after you get comfortable. After they have lived on their own and cooked for themselves, to move in and ask “what’s for dinner”. I love having them here, but I really want them to embrace adulthood….on their own.


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