Ten Thoughts Tuesday

imageWhat’s going on in this mom’s head today? Inquiring minds want to know…

1. Oldest called this morning to say that she’s been accepted to the lab that’s been at the top of her list all year long. This is important because she’ll be in this lab for five more years, and the work she does and the people she works with to complete her doctorate will make a huge impact on her career as a research biologist.

2. I  was just asked to bake dozens of cookies for our nephew’s graduation party this Friday! I really am happy to do this – I love baking, and am glad to be able to contribute.

3.  Several hurdles for one of my biggest work projects of the year have been jumped today. RELIEF.

4. Plans for next week’s trip to Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia are coming together – we’re deciding which monuments and museums to see and when to do what. The best part is that I’ll be with my three darlings for five days straight – heaven!

5. So far the 300 bamboo skewers I planted in my back yard flower bed, pointy-side up, are keeping the roaming neighborhood cats and their poo out of my garden. And I finally got the bamboo splinters out of my thumb last night.

6. Birds are starting to come to my new Mother’s Day bird feeder. We haven’t had one for years, and I’ve missed it. Of course, right now it’s mostly yucky old starlings and grackles, but the prettier birds will venture to it soon.

7. I’ve ordered several fun things online that should all be arriving this week –  clothes for the trip and a new rolling carry-on. The excitement of waiting for them is almost like Christmas.

8. The weather has suddenly taken a turn toward cold and gloomy…but the sun is supposed to come back out tomorrow. It was actually kind of nice to throw on yoga capris and a hoody for work this morning. The lack of dress code is a major perk of my job.

9. Another advantage of the cool day – I’m looking forward to grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for supper. Perfect chilly weather food.

10. This is the last week of the program year at church – meaning Sunday School ends this Sunday for the summer. Three whole months to breathe, regroup, and gear up to do awesome things in the fall.

Pretty good stuff for a Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. Great feature idea…I love it! Your work dress code makes me jealous…:) I live just outside of DC, it is a beautiful city with so much to see. I don’t know if you all enjoy biking, but renting bicycles and riding around to see the monuments is a fabulous way to see everything. It’s safe and cooler than walking. Bike and Roll is a great company to rent from.


    • Wow, thanks for the recommendation! I’d totally go for the biking, but…Oldest broke her arm twice when she was young, while riding a bike. The second time she required two surgeries – her arm looked like Harry Potter’s when Gilderoy Lockheart removed all his arm bones. That required two surgeries, and she hasn’t ridden a bike since!


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