ABC’s of Parenting: “P” for PARTY!

imageThree kids, 23 years = 59 birthdays. A whole bunch of which included a special party for the birthday boy/girl. A few things we learned over those 59 birthdays:

•Any party where no kid cries is a good party. “No tears” was always at the top of my list of goals.
•Any kid who shouts out, “I want that piece right there with the most frosting!” instantly becomes the kid who gets served LAST. Man, that kid is annoying.
•If you’re only inviting some of your kid’s classmates, do NOT send the invitations to school in your child’s backpack to be handed out “secretly.” It doesn’t work. And what kind of evil monster wants to make half the class feel like rejects?
•If you’re inviting every single classmate to the party, do NOT send the invitations to school to be handed out. The teacher doesn’t have time for it. Plus, it’s all the kids will talk about or think about for an hour, and your child’s teacher will silently hate you as she smiles and says, “It’s just fine.” Believe me, it’s not fine. I’ve been that teacher.
•Bottom line, do not use the classroom as your invitation delivery system. It’s your party – do the work yourself.
•Home-made parties are awesome because:
-they’re way less expensive than reserving a typical party place
-you can tailor them to the interests, abilities, and needs of your child. We had improv (as in “Who’s Line Is It, Anyway?”) parties, Harry Potter parties, crafting parties, music parties…
-they’re a lot more low-key and less likely to produce tears (see above)
-they’re unique; it can be a real treat for kids to experience something besides the typical Chuck E. Cheese party.

You gotta fight (uh uh) for your right (uh uh) to PARTY!  (Yeah, I know this line doesn’t really fit the post, but it’s been stuck in my head since I started writing, and I thought I’d share.)

photo credits: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc


7 thoughts on “ABC’s of Parenting: “P” for PARTY!

  1. I LOVE home parties!! I always did them for my kids too and we had some awesome ones and my kids always said they had the best parties ❤


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