The Days are Just Packed (Thank you, Calvin and Hobbes)

imageI’m pretty sure yesterday was about 48 hours long. Otherwise there’s no explaining how much got packed into it.

The first day that got packed into my Sunday took place between the hours of 6:00 am and noon. After baking two egg casseroles the moment I got out of bed, there was a bingo party and popsicles for 80 kids. Class time and the usual “oh my gosh we’re short a staff person” for another 20 kids. A special recognition and blessing of all volunteer learning staff, which included leading those 100 kids in a procession. An appreciation breakfast for all those learning staff members, which was a monumental feat of coordination, cooperation, and just plain hard work (the hard work, thankfully, was mostly done by even more volunteers).

Good grief, I’m exhausted just remembering all that.

And then there was the full day that took place in the afternoon.

First came a graduation party with a magnificent spread provided by a mom who has to be the world’s most accomplished hostess. Everything looked and tasted perfect, and the mom was as cool as a cucumber. I decided long ago not to hate her for that, so I just enjoyed it. The party included visiting with our kids’ former teachers and their (and our) long-time friends, including our friends whose son died in October. Memories, tears, emotional overload.

imageThe original plan for the afternoon included Face Time with Oldest Sister, but The Boy threw a wrench into the carefully orchestrated works with his desire to attend the senior dance recital of two good friends. This change will make our last-minute trip planning a lot more urgent and stressful, but as it turned out, I’m glad he requested it. He asked me to go to the recital with him. Not having had dance kids, the recital was fascinating (six little girls lined up doing almost nothing to the tune of “On the Good Ship Lollipop was pretty entertaining). The best part was imageseeing the two girls we’ve known for so long give a farewell performance of something they’ve dedicated their lives to. Both of them have been The Boy’s close pals since middle school, and both shared the musical/theater stage with him many, many times in high school – one of them repeatedly as his leading lady.

Middle Sister had her new best buddy over for dinner and a movie, which didn’t turn out as planned due to that recital. Her friend, thankfully, is a good sport and the two of them made the dinner while I was gone. then they took off for a movie, The Boy and I came home and ate, and I CRIED MY EYES OUT over the last episode of “Call the Midwife.”

That should have been the end of the day. But The Boy asked me to watch “Pulp Fiction” with him. Not my kind of movie, and he knew it…but I loved “Boondock Saints” and he thought he’d push his luck. How could I turn down a request to spend time with my boy? Even though I know it’s only because his girlfriend is in Paris for three weeks and he’s at a loose end?

So two hours of blood, guts, and profanity (and honestly, quite a few laughs – the dialog in “Pulp Fiction” is a comedic masterpiece) later, the day ended. Or so I thought.

Three hours of sleeping like a rock, and The Husband woke me up in a panic. He couldn’t find his car keys, and he had to be at work by 2:00 am. In my disoriented state after being jarred awake from a coma-like sleep, it took me a while to remember that Middle Sister had taken his car to go to the movie with her friend. Keys in purse. Holy cow.

The rest of the night was crap sleep, and I expect to be a zombie by mid-afternoon. But I’ve another packed day ahead, with no time to be at half-capacity. Looks like I’ll be breaking my newfound “no coffee” rule today.

Well, this post is singularly self-absorbed. If you made it through to the end, you deserve a medal! Have a great day (and may it be only ONE day long)!


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6 thoughts on “The Days are Just Packed (Thank you, Calvin and Hobbes)

  1. How exciting….the time when the kids return! Love it! Hope you enjoy, even if you have to a movie which isn’t a first choice, the time spent with your kid is priceless. (which I know you know) Sounds like you are ready for a vacation for sure.


    • Yes, tomorrow is our laid back and unstructured vacation day, and I’m really looking forward to that…except for the part where we have to trade in our rental car…


  2. Haha, my Saturday felt like at LEAST 48 hours! I did so much – didn’t stop from 5:30am until 11:00pm. O_O Longest day I’ve had in forever! I did have great sleep last night, though (thank goodness!) I hope your week is a little calmer. 😀


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