My bags are packed and I’m ready to go…

Today’s the big day – Middle Sister, The Boy, and I fly to the east coast to spend the rest of the week with Oldest.

imageIt was a big day in a yucky way, too – annual exam and blood draw day. Meaning no food or drink until after my 8:15 appointment. Knowing how much I despise this annual party of poking and prodding I cleverly scheduled it for the day of the trip, so I’d have something awesome to focus on. Actually, my doc was on time and quick (and amazing), as always. The blood suckers? Not so much.

I mean, I understand that everyone has to learn sometime. So when I discovered I was getting my blood drawn by a newb I was okay with that. But honestly, I think there should be some standard level of competence BEFORE they let people loose on patients. The first stab was a no-go, although the supervisor said my vein was perfect. The second stab was painful, and she only got a few drops in the third vial. Thank goodness the supervisor took over for the third stab, which was needed to fill that third vial. Yikes!

Oh, and here’s an interesting twist on the whole doc appointment before the trip thing: I realized last night that I was coming down with a urinary tract infection. Haven’t had one in almost twenty years, but you never forget that particular brand of misery. So my doc called in antibiotics for me without waiting on the urine test so that I would be covered while traveling.

So anyway, all that torture is over and now it’s full speed ahead on the trip. All the bags are packed, our ride to the airport is arranged, notes left for The Husband (who’s staying home to hold down the fort this time) laundry done so he’ll have clothes and towels while were gone. Check, check, check.

In about eight hours I’ll be in the company of our three (not so) little darlings, enjoying their family jokes, their bizarre sense of humor, their fascinating conversation – and their MUSIC! The two youngers are bringing along some of their favorite vocal music so their big sister can accompany them. Can’t wait!

Leavin’ on a jet plane…


5 thoughts on “My bags are packed and I’m ready to go…

  1. The hospital I gave birth to the two mini-ions was a teaching hospital. I said for the first birth that I was fine being attended by students. After two many times of the students asking me what they should be doing, I steered clear of the students for the second birth.


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