A capital day at the capitol

Seen in Baltimore and DC today:

In the Baltimore Amtrak station, a permanent video display of “What to do if you’re attacked.” Reassuring? Not much.


The typical scenery photos and awesome museum artifacts, including this one of the desk Jefferson wrote the Declaration on. Love that kind of stuff.




imageWe only made it about 100 feet down the reflecting pool toward the Lincoln memorial. By this point in the day, we’d already walked about 3 1/2 miles and done a museum, so we pretty much fell in a heap here on a bench. I’m convinced we would still be there now if Oldest hadn’t saved the day by calling an Uber Car driver to pick us up just a few feet from the bench where we collapsed. The air conditioned ride to Union Station refreshed us enough to tackle dinner and the train ride back to Baltimore.

Couldn’t resist a photo on this bench. Even better, while in the Uber Car we heard a radio campaign ad for a progressive democrat. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. NEVER would you hear such a thing in our part of the country.


I didn’t want to be all obvious and take a photo, but the most interesting feature of the train trip home was a Seagrams and fried chicken party in the back of our train car. Fascinating! We overheard one partier assert that he’d never been arrested. How nice!

Time for bed…with a Benedryl to ensure sleep after such an exciting day.


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