Here’s a thing about vacations

Today was our down time day. After a marathon in D.C. yesterday, it was awesome to have a relatively unstructured day around Baltimore. I haven’t had a lot of vacations in my life, but I’ve had enough to know that some quiet, laid back time does a couple of things; it lets you get home without being completely exhausted, and it gives you some time to reflect and enjoy so it doesn’t all go by in a blur.

imageWe started our quiet day with time in Oldest Sister’s lab at Johns Hopkins. She’s been telling us about her fruit flies with legs growing out of their heads (it’s an intentional mutation) and we got to see them for ourselves, as well as seeing her in action – she had some work to do while we were there. Plus we got to meet her lab P.I. and get a tour of her building. All ship shape, clean and new, and everyone was very friendly. I approve. And I will feel much better picturing her here, since now we know what a great environment she’s in.

imageNext was a driving tour of the inner harbor (I’ve had it with finding parking spaces) for the fun of seeing the boats. Then lunch at Nick’s Fish House. One of my favorite coworkers comes from the Baltimore-D.C. area, and he’s been telling me about Nick’s for a couple of years. Great fun to text him a picture of the kids in front of the place. We ate on the water, in beautiful – though windy – weather…our menu blew into the bay. Oops.

Confession: There’s very little seafood I can bear to eat. The Boy was in heaven with a plate full of soft shell crab. Oldest had a giant bowl of mussels, and Middle Sister, who sides with me, had a chicken sandwich. Wanting to be a sport, I ordered crab balls (like crab cakes, only smaller). Ummmm….suffice it to say that the memory of my lunch is making me queasy. Knowing that the crunch in my food is from EXOSKELETON just doesn’t make imageme happy.

Our running around ended with a grocery trip so we could do a stir fry this evening, and then I got a glorious afternoon nap.

And after this lovely breather, we have a day at Independence Hall in Philadelphia tomorrow. Looking forward to being in the presence of so much history!


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