Home again, home again

What a treat to have a buffer day between vacation and real life – that’s what the Memorial Day holiday is for me this year.

There's no place like home.

There’s no place like home.

The trip home was perfectly stress-free and uneventful. Smooth transition from rental car to airport to flight to home. Just what this very-infrequent-traveler needed. Then nine hours of sleeping like a brick in my own bed (especially appreciated after several nights of going back and forth to the bathroom several times, thanks to an inopportunely timed bladder infection). Heaven.

On the agenda for today are the typical post-vacation tasks. Unpacking. Laundry. Stocking the fridge. Clearing up the (slight) mess left by The Husband while he was on his own for a few days. Staying in touch with Oldest, as our departure left her feeling homesick. Sigh.

I’m thankful we DON’T have the tradition in our family of visiting graves on this May holiday. Well, I say our family…what that means is our nuclear family. My mother-in-law is a faithful grave decorator, and would like to visit a circuit of cemeteries in the southeastern corner of our state every year. Neither The Husband nor I have any interest in this maudlin form of amusement. Thankfully, his brother and sister-in-law are just as dedicated to the annual placement of plastic flowers as the mother-in-law is, and they perform this duty with her or for her each year.

And so today I’m free to rest, to make the transition back to normal life, to have my own little mourning over yet another good-bye to our darling Oldest.

Long live Memorial Day.


6 thoughts on “Home again, home again

  1. Welcome home. And as far as the visiting of grave? I have only visited my sister’s, and my brother’s because my dad was buried in the same cemetery. I would rather people remember my life, and not a slab of concrete, or crypt–but that’s just me.


    • I know – we don’t do much vacationing, mostly camping. But even on those camping trips we arrange to come home early the last day so we can process all the JUNK and prepare for the return to real life!


  2. Welcome home! I know, that first night of sleep in your own bed after a trip is HEAVEN!!
    I am not one to “celebrate” Memorial Day really. I am thankful for what our military men and women do/have done every day. I am not really big on celebrating things that deserve MUCH more than a single day of recognition. (That’s not to say it bothers me that others do 😉 )
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your day before real life starts back.


    • I completely understand the need to recognize those who have served in wars. That aspect of Memorial Day makes sense to me. But the tradition of visiting the graves of all the people you know who have died just means nothing to me at all. Like you I have no quarrel with others who want to do so, but I don’t like being pressured to visit graves…we fought that fight with my mother in law many years ago and thank goodness it was finally put to rest!


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