Backwards tooth fairy

Here I sit in the waiting room of our friendly neighborhood oral surgeon, waiting for The Boy as he has his wisdom teeth out. Kid number three checked off the wisdom tooth list.

imageUnlike the tooth fairy, who left $1 under the pillow for each lost tooth (and $5 for each extracted tooth, of which we had plenty) this particular tooth fairy is charging us $637 for the privilege of having The Boy’s teeth dug out – thankfully, dental insurance is covering the other half. It did cross my mind to wonder whether the whole wisdom tooth thing is just a racket. Do young adults in other countries go through this inevitable rite of passage? I didn’t have mine out at that age.  Actually I only had three to start with, and had one out about ten years ago when it started giving me trouble.

However, I do know that in The Boy’s case it’s truly necessary. He’s got a surprisingly small mouth, especially considering how much noise he manages to make with it. His baby teeth were tiny, yet packed in so tightly he didn’t lose his first tooth until third grade. Several molars and even his permanent canines had to be removed to make room for his adult teeth, which were two to three times as wide as his baby teeth. One of those canines was especially interesting – in the x-ray it resembled a rhino tusk gone astray, up next to his nose. That one required two gruesome surgeries.

Thankfully, The Boy brings his untiring enthusiasm for everything in life even to the prospect of oral surgery. If I were in his place, I’d be a nervous wreck with a tummy full of butterflies. I asked him last night (knowing the answer but wanting to be sensitive) whether he was at all concerned about today. His answer? He laughed and said, “Not at all! I’m kind of looking forward to it!” The kid may be a mutant.

Backwards tooth fairy day means one more day “off” for me – officially it’s sick leave to take care of a family member, but it effectively extends my vacation. I’ll spend much of the day nursing my baby and trying to get him to eat the large variety of soft foods we picked up at the grocery store yesterday. Do a few housekeeping chores. Enjoy a sunny day.

And tomorrow, back to the REAL real world.


4 thoughts on “Backwards tooth fairy

    • The whole thing really confuses me. My dentist has been suggesting for years that I consider getting one of my remaining two wisdom teeth out because he thinks it’s going to be a problem. So I consulted with the oral surgeon the year our younger daughter had hers out…and he said in no uncertain terms he would NEVER remove a wisdom tooth for someone my age unless it was already causing trouble. It’s all very weird.


  1. Gosh, I wish I could be excited about anything dental! I had an appt. today for a cleaning and I contemplated moving the appt. after the toothache pain I just recovered from! I decided to be responsible and go ahead, but I was still dreading it.


    • I’m the same – I hate going to the dentist for even a routine cleaning. It’s such a pain I swear it seems like we go once a month, but when I check the calendar it really is only every six months.


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