Outraged question

What the &$^#%@!! happened to WordPress today?

I haven’t used a PC for posting in the last week – since we were on the road I stuck to the iPad and used the app…but I always end up adding photos through the website rather than the app. I even did that this morning with my post about the “Backwards Tooth Fairy.” And all was well.

As of this afternoon EVERYTHING is out of whack when it comes to posting on a laptop. I’m forced to use the “convenient” quick post option that’s been there forever and which I’ve totally ignored because it’s impossible.The “insert photo” option pulled a photo directly from my laptop files and then it was impossible to do any editing when it appeared in entirely the wrong place. It was all such a mess I somehow managed to publish a “Mom Goes On” post on the blog I share with my friend Bernadette, “Depression’s Collateral Damage.” After frantic backpedaling and a WHOLE lot of clicking I managed to delete that post and get it on the right blog.

If this is the permanent state of affairs, it’s a complete disaster. Fuming.


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