The bread is back!

I would never survive a carb-free diet like the ones that were so popular a few years ago. And thank heaven I don’t have any kind of gluten intolerance. Bread, pasta, crackers, pancakes, bread pudding, waffles, french toast…heaven!

Today our “bread season” began. The Boy will be working for a local bakery again this summer – selling at our farmer’s market and pushing samples at grocery stores within a 60-mile area. And that means…free bread!

imageNot just any bread, either. This is artisan bread, no preservatives, all fresh ingredients, baked daily (and brought home the day it was made). The Boy had his orientation meeting this afternoon and brought home sourdough for tonight (grilled burgers on sourdough are now on the menu) and tomorrow morning (it makes awesome toast). We’re looking forward to Grains Galore (12 grain), kalamata olive, ciabatta, pretzel rolls, baguettes, croissants, challa, cinnamon raisin…I’m starting to drool.

I LOVE bread season.


6 thoughts on “The bread is back!

  1. I had a friend who used to work the summers at a local mill. I loved him having that job as he’d always bring bread round after work. Proper, gorgeous bread.
    You lucky thing.


  2. Sounds wonderful. I can’t eat a lot of bread however have found one in the supermarkets that is preservative free and that sits okay with me. Thank goodness. 🙂


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