Take your kids to work day

I know most people do that “take your kids to work” thing in April, but for us it’s more often in the summer. There are some pretty big projects I need taken care of at work in the summer months, and for years my little dears have been happy (almost always) to come and help out. It’s one of the best things about my job.

We generally turn the day into a party atmosphere with a special lunch, maybe a run to Sonic for a shake mid-day, and fun music while we work. Cleaning, organizing, and assembly projects are common. But the more fun stuff is painting, creating, decorating, and building – also pretty common in the summer.

Yesterday Middle Sister began building a boat dock that we’ll use to set the scene for our camping-themed Vacation Bible School. And she cleared out a costume closet, finding some adorable stuffed animals we definitely don’t need, which can be donated to a nearby thrift shop.




The Boy’s big project yesterday was to spray paint a railroad crossing sign. This item will actually be used in the worship space for a summer series we’re doing, rather than for something in my area. But he’s a spray paint expert, so he was the go-to guy for this one. There was a little miscommunication imageissue (I swear I said, “Will you please spray paint the sign white?” And then I went with him and watched him buy black spray paint without my realizing it. As it turned out it made more sense for the pole to be black, and the paint store was only a few blocks away, making the return trip for white pretty easy.

Next week we’ll all be back at it again, creating a campground setting for the big VBS week to take place very soon. The Boy cleared all our camping equipment out of our garage, and we’ll get to build our old tents and set up our camp stove indoors for a change.

Happy times.


2 thoughts on “Take your kids to work day

    • We have so many VBS memories – from the days before I worked in a church through the last ten years when organizing it was part of my job. It’s always a great time!


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