“Chef” is as good as a feast.

Saw “Chef” last night with Middle Sister and The Boy. It’s an indie film and it’s absolutely AWESOME. Definitely worth going out of your way to find it, if it’s not playing in large-release theaters near you.

In our town it’s playing in the arts houses, of which we have two in our neighborhood. I love where I live.

The Boy had a few of his senior photos taken outside the Rio.

The Boy had a few of his senior photos taken outside the Rio.

“Chef” is showing at the Rio, a very old theater in our historic downtown area. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie there I didn’t like – “Ladies in Lavender” and “The King’s Speech” are two I especially remember. Oh – and one of my favorite things about the Rio: there wasn’t a single preview that included aliens, explosions, CGI, or superheroes. Truly a superior movie-going experience.

But about “Chef.” A happy, funny story line, with no horrible, overwrought plot twists. Very realistic with excellent acting, spot-on dialog, perfect casting, and great cinematography. In a nutshell: a fantastic chef quits his long time job in a restaurant where he’s allowed no creative control, has a feud with a food critic, and builds a better relationship with his son (and his best friend/sous chef) as they travel cross-country cooking and selling out of a food truck.

Go see “Chef” this weekend. But a warning: Eat dinner BEFORE the movie. The cooking is so gorgeous you can practically smell the delicious food as it’s being prepared on screen, so if you come out hungry you may end up spending a week’s salary at the nearest gourmet joint.



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