Found it! (Some good in my fellow man – or woman)

Thank goodness, I have actually seen evidence of human beings in my part of the world who are behaving in a socially responsible manner. After my experience over the weekend, it’s a big relief.

Today’s “Good In My Fellow Man” award goes to:

imageThe older gentleman who lives a couple of blocks away and takes it upon himself to walk the neighborhood and pick up trash. This has been his habit for at least ten years. He carries two grocery bags with him – one for trash and one for items that can be recycled. He doesn’t want to be thanked (in fact the one time we told him how much we appreciated him he was a bit curmudgeonly) but just does the job quietly and faithfully, year after year.

The effect of his dedication is twofold. Of course he’s making an immediate difference to the appearance of our streets and easements. But beyond that his good example stays in my mind, and when stray items blow into our yard or onto our sidewalk, I pick them up so he won’t have to on his next round. And he’s been a good role model for our kids, too. “Ooh, I’d better pick that up so the trash picking- up neighbor doesn’t see it!” is a common cry at our house.

I don’t recall our trash-picking-up gentleman’s name (I’m sure The Husband would, but he’s asleep already and I can’t ask him). But I’m thankful to him – not only for the work he does, but for restoring at least some of my respect for my fellow humans.


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