Dream chasing

I started “Mom Goes On” as a kind of coping tool. I knew when our oldest and youngest left home for the long term at the same time – within THREE DAYS of each other – it would totally rock my world.

And it did. For weeks I cried regularly. My dream job, “Mama,” was 2/3 taken away from me…thankfully, we still had our middle child at home with us.

Ten months later, the empty-ish nest thing is slightly easier (of course, that’s partly because The Boy is home for the summer and we’ve recently visited Oldest). Only rarely do I break down. More often there’s just an empty space in my heart and in my daily routine.

So I continue to find ways to fill those spaces. My dear friend/co-author/neighbor and I have renewed our dedication to getting another co-written book published. All the editing and re-writing takes time, energy, and attention. I love writing, I’m passionate about the subject, and it’s great working together. We hope to have a completed proposal in a few publishers’ hands soon.

imageAnd there’s another dream I’m chasing. Last year our local paper ran a story about the Little Free Libraries movement. The desire to create my own – YOU MEAN I COULD SHARE BOOKS WITH THE WORLD FROM MY OWN FRONT YARD?!?!?!?!?! – has been tucked away in my heart all this time.

I don’t know what suddenly gave me the nudge, but yesterday I started looking into the possibilities. I’m willing to do the work of creating a little bit of landscaping in my front yard to put a library onto. I’m happy to maintain the library, register it, advertise, and deal with the consequences should it be vandalized. But pre-made L.F. Libraries are outrageously expensive. And I don’t have the skills to build one myself. I started brainstorming. I know someone at church who loves to be given a woodworking project. Could I get him involved? Who would help me with planting it into the ground? Digging holes is not my forte.

And then I noticed something on the website: An application for a grant to start your own LFL, from funds donated by generous benefactors. After my miraculous experience with the financial assistance offered for our overwhelming hospital bill, I figured “why not give it a try?”

And so my application for assistance in creating a Little Free Library is traveling through the ether today. A mom’s gotta dream, right?

Image credit: http://www.popupcity.net


14 thoughts on “Dream chasing

    • Oh, it’s such a hard time when they first go. One thing I learned in hindsight, though, was that our son discovered while he was away for the year that he really appreciates having a home and a loving family. He’s like a new kid. I mean, I always thought he was wonderful, but now he’s super helpful around the house, and he actually wants to spend time with us. So at least there’s that…


  1. Oh what a lovely idea! Be sure to post pictures when your project is complete! I have always loved the idea of those little libraries, however, where I live it would only get visited by the deer and raccoons!


    • I do have a concern that some of the middle school kids who pass by our house might be tempted to do some vandalism…it’s happened before with yard signs and other things in our yard. But I’m choosing to look to the better side of human nature in this instance. 🙂


    • Thanks for the positive vibes! I’m making preliminary plans, just in case…and still considering asking my friend at church for help with the building of it if the grant doesn’t come through. Luckily I know someone on the city council who can tell me about zoning – so much to think about! 🙂


  2. That sounds amazing!! … the ache in my heart has been pounding the last few days 😦 My Boy has been sick and its hard not to be there for him. I can’t wait until we go to visit!!
    Have a Great Day!


    • Oh, Mary, I’m so sorry to hear that. We went through long distance illness several times with our oldest. I know you want to be there to take care of him and just be close. Hoping for speedy recovery. I’m thinking of you!


      • Thanks!! I knew you would understand! I had him go to the walk in clinic again yesterday and they said he looked like he was getting better (strep throat and 2 ear infections) He says he feels a lot better today so I am thankful. First exam on Wednesday!!


        • Did he go to a campus clinic? Our daughter had a heck of a time ever getting them to admit she was sick for real…she had to convince them to give her a test for mono (which I diagnosed long-distance). Boy, were they shocked when she actually did have mono. I hope your son’s experience is better! And I’m glad he’s on the mend.


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