What I do all day

The job I do for no monetary pay (being a Mom) is absolutely awesome. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

And the job I get paid for (being Director of Children’s Ministry for a large church) is awesome, too. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

My job description looks pretty normal on paper. Administration, volunteer management, curriculum writing – that sort of thing. I really enjoy almost all of that. It’s the stuff that’s not on paper that’s the most fun. Playing with kids, getting to know parents, building and creating, assembling unusual constructions, decorating, cutting things up, coloring, shopping. Something different every day.

This week, I’ve got 70 kids and 30 adults together every day for Vacation Bible School. It’s theologically solid, original (I wrote the program, rather than buying something canned), and FUN.

Part of that fun, though, I cannot take credit for. On the whole, our paid staff and our congregation is imagea bunch of really fun people. Take our summer worship series, for example. It’s titled “On the Road.” We’ve got maps up all over the building and people are sending in postcards to add to the maps as they travel for the summer. The best part is that each family received a “Travel Kit” containing their very own “dashboard Jesus.” We’re getting photos sent in from all over the country of dashboard Jesus attending weddings, swimming, and tooling down the highway. There is a point to all this nonsense, really. We’re taking a look over the summer at how Jesus meets us wherever we are, equips us for the journey, and calls us to follow him on unfamiliar roads.

Today dashboard Jesus visited VBS, and many of the kids were familiar enough with the project to sing the song from the promotional video, made by our contemporary worhsip director and youth dierctor.  The people I work with are brilliant!

I love what I do all day.


4 thoughts on “What I do all day

    • Oh, good! I really wanted to post a link to our Dashboard Jesus video but I’m not an administrator for our You Tube account. The video’s a hoot – maybe I can get it up tomorrow.


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