A Weekend in Three Acts


Act One: The Irony

At the first Sunday night concert in the park of the year, Middle Sister heard the conductor say that one of the shows of the season would feature highlights from “Camelot.” She, being a huge “Camelot” fan (because of rather than in spite of its cheesiness), was thrilled. We’ve attended every concert so far this summer, just in case. Turned out last night was the night – the last piece on the program. It was a bit hot and still pretty sunny when we arrived just before start time. By the second number, clouds were moving in. By the fifth number, it was getting very overcast and a strong, cool wind came up. After the second to last number, the conductor said, “Rain is coming folks – that’s all for tonight.” It was the first time this year The Husband could join us, due to his odd bedtime schedule necessitated by his job (see “Act Two: What the ?!?!”). Luckily we all saw the humor in this irony and left in laughter.

Act Two: The “What the ?!?!”
(sotto voce) As an aside, why on earth is the question mark in one corner of the keyboard and the exclamation point at the opposite corner? Very inconvenient for the extremely useful ?!?!?!?!.

The Husband was laid off on Friday. It was quite unexpected in one sense, but not terribly surprising in another sense. He was working for a growing small company, rife with inconsistency, confusion, and screw-ups. He loved the driving but hated the atmosphere. So he’s not terribly upset, thank goodness. There are a lot of job opportunities locally for truck drivers, and we’re hopeful he’ll get something lined up this week…though it could take longer to get him actually started. Interesting thing about trucking. Every company wants new drivers to have an initial period with one of their long-time drivers as a trainer. Surprise, surprise, it takes awhile to get hold of a non-smoking trainer, which he really has to have (I would too!). Short term this will be a financial (and possibly emotional) difficulty. Long term it’s probably a good thing.

Act Three: The Victory
We had a setback with our bird feeding situation. Being noobs, we just put a sunflower mix out there and watched what happened. At first it was great. But then what happened was bully birds and squirrels started keeping all the lovely song birds away. After a bit of research and a trip to our local Wild Bird House store, we changed seed and added a finch feeder on Saturday.

Voila! Yesterday we had cardinals, black capped chickadees, a house finch, and a gold finch visiting us. What a treat!
Exeunt, curtain call.


One thought on “A Weekend in Three Acts

  1. Bummer about the job, but a positive attitude could be the key to landing that new job. (advice from the lady with very little positive things to say about herself) . And woohoo for the new birds visiting. I don’t like those bully birds.


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