A night on the town – and a rant about evil politicians and our health care system

So last night The Husband and I had decided to go see a show in one of our cool and retro arts houses nearby. He’s been going full-tilt on the job search, and he needed an evening out.

And then, life happened.

In the middle of dinner, Middle Sister started crying uncontrollably. We had no idea what was going on. She moved to the living room sofa, put on a blanket, and we continued uncomfortably with our meal. Then a request that we turn off the ceiling fan and get her another blanket clued us in. Her throat, ears, and head hurt. Her stomach was very painful. Turned out she had a fever of 102.

One of the things we were told to watch for on her post-upper G.I. paperwork was, of course, a fever over 100.5. So, after a few phone calls to after-hours triage nurses and on-call doctors, we were on our way to the ER.

Three worried and troubled hours later, the ER staff ruled out the biggest concern – aspiration during her procedure the other day leading to pneumonia. Chest x-ray was clear. Blood tests looked good, though white cell count was just slightly elevated. IV fluids and pain meds had her feeling much more like her cheery, talkative self.

Final diagnosis was a very coincidental and poorly-timed virus that contrived to scare the %#^#! out of us. Nothing serious. And hey, this particular child of ours can visit the ER as often as she likes and have as many surgeries as she likes until Dec. 31 of this year – we’ve met our outrageously high deductible and out-of-pocket expenses limit on her and it’s all free of charge! Gotta love the almighty power of life and death held by American health insurance companies. An evening out at the emergency room was cheaper than a night at the movies!

All joking aside, though, at least we have medical insurance. Our state and our neighboring state of Missouri are two of the rat bastard political systems that have chosen to reject the federal offer of increased Medicaid money, using the disingenuous excuse that they don’t want to “further burden the national debt.” Over 100,000 people who work full time in our area earn too much to qualify for Medicaid or Medicare but do not meet the qualifications to buy health insurance on the ACA exchange. Kansas and Missouri legislators are perfectly happy to force their fellow human beings to remain sick and miserable, to die early deaths because their basic needs are not met.

imageClimbing down from my soapbox now. Once we were starting to get the idea that things weren’t as dire as we had feared, we started joking around just a bit in her ER room. I’ve been in quite a few of these rooms over my lifetime, but the laminated set of papers hanging by the door was new to me. We speculate that if a patient is shown this list of words and recognizes that they’re complete nonsense, they may be deemed sane and lucid. Although the ability to string these words into a coherent sentence would be mighty impressive.

Or perhaps this nonsensical list of words is published by our insane politicians. It makes about as much sense as their arguments justifying their cruelty to the poor.

Gee, I wonder what our entertainment will be tonight?


9 thoughts on “A night on the town – and a rant about evil politicians and our health care system

    • Thank you for the kind wishes. I’m sure the NHS isn’t perfect, but I do so wish our government cared more about people than about their own profits. Honestly, that’s what it comes down to. Powerful guys who want to preserve what they have.


  1. I’m happy to hear that she doesn’t have anything “serious”, but I hope she feels better soon.

    Hahaha! I love your use of rat bastard, that is the best way to describe a politician, or their system of figuring out what is best for all of us. Childish and infantile come to mind as well. I’m so, so, so tired of their games.

    Georgia is also a state which didn’t extend Medicaid. Which has been the problem with the help we are trying to get for my oldest’s girlfriend. Due to the trauma she experienced all her life, she turned her back on her family, and cut all ties. I guess it works for her, but I couldn’t let her go back to that environment, believing that what she was telling me was the truth. However, I wonder if some of it was her skewed interpretation. I swear, it doesn’t matter what I say to her, she thinks I hate her. I would never be mean to someone–other than a politician.

    Anyway, we have been trying to get her some sort of assistance. Since she lives with us, we can’t figure out if she qualifies for assistance because the application asks for household income. If we weren’t so kind, she would be homeless. So, I turned it over to the adults (my son and his girlfriend) and told them to figure it out, we can no longer pay her bills. It is starting to feel like we are being taken advantage of. Well, it’s always felt like that, but my husband is seriously having a hard time, and he usually doesn’t fret over things.


    • I hate that your kindness and generosity have been abused, and I admire the way you’re setting boundaries. I know how extremely hard that is – I’ve watched two close family members be taken advantage of by another family member (who has borderline personality disorder as well as other diagnoses) for years…and they’ve been unable to set those boundaries with any success. It’s really a terrible situation to be in.


  2. There aren’t words for the healthcare system there. Well, there are, but they’re not nice and I don’t like using them.
    I’m glad all went well in the ER. No idea what the words are about. ??? I’d wrap your daughter in cotton wool and not let her out on Jan 1st. Until then though, at least you know she can medically fill her boots.


    • Any words you might like to use I’m sure I’ve uttered many times!

      You’re right – I can just about predict some medical catastrophe for at least one member of the family taking place on Jan. 1, 2015. 😦


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