Hearth and home.

To be honest, we don’t have a fireplace, so we don’t have a hearth. And if we did it would be WAY too hot for a fire today…

But “hearth and home” is such a cozy phrase. After the emotional exhaustion of the really-quite-successful family dinner last night, I’m feeling desperate for some hibernation time. If I didn’t love summer so much I’d be wishing for a blizzard that would keep me inside my beloved home for days.

We’ve lived in this house all but three years of our married life – almost 29 years, to be precise. Having moved quite a few times as a child, this house, even with all its foibles and much-needed updates, represents to me all that is safe and loving.

A few highlights of those 29 years:
•three babies brought home for the first time
•nearly 60 birthday parties
•29 Christmases – from day one we insisted on Christmas Day in our own home.
•ROFL moments, over and over and over again, with my four favorite people in the whole world
•more DIY projects than I could count, including many successful redecoration efforts
•serious illness and a recovery that took many long years…yes, even the traumatic memories are important. Though I might often wish we hadn’t had to live through them, they are a big part of who we are.

imageComing home from my 6:30 am walk today, the sight of my home ahead of me filled me with joy. And yet there was a tug of sorrow, because our Oldest, the first baby to bring our home to life, is so far away now. Quickly I snapped a photo with my phone and texted it to her with the words “Our house misses you.”

So do I, dearest child of mine.


7 thoughts on “Hearth and home.

  1. Lovely pics. I know you are missing her but don’t worry she will be back and leave again and come back again. This is the tale from our house. As they move from home to college, back again, then flat and now back again while partner is away training for 9 months.
    I hope this cheers you up, as I run about the house clearing rubbish and making room for the onslaught.


    • Thinking of the long term does kind of help. Our son will be back and forth for a few more years yet. Oldest, though, is firmly planted in grad school FAR away for the next five years or so. Such an ache to think we’ll only see her a couple of weeks out of each year during that time…Thanks for your thoughts.


  2. Oh, that brought tears to my eyes. We have only been in our home for 8 years, and our daughter has been away from it for the last 5 😦

    Funny though, she is now in Montana going to nursing school. She must be getting a geography lesson because she discovered that she is a 30 minute drive from the Missouri river. If we moved to Missouri, she could get a boat and float down the river. We laughed over the adventure and how she could wear a raccoon hat as well. We could pluck her out of the water somewhere near St. Louis. 😀

    I miss her, she can always bring out the funny side of me.


    • She sounds like a joy. I hope she makes that trip down the Missouri often. 🙂

      I had another eye-leaking moment later in the day. Oldest changed her FB cover photo to that picture of our house, and posted it with the comment “The best house in the world.” Awwwwww…


    • It sure is. After almost a year of her being 17 hours away from home, it’s gotten a little easier…especially since the youngest got home from his first year of college. But when it’s time for him to go back? All bets are off.


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