Day is done.

After the absolutely indefensible (yet not unexpected, given their recent track record) decision by the SCOTUS that allows business owners to impose their religious beliefs on employees, a peaceful and sane evening was greatly needed in this household.

Okay, I have to say more. I mean, suppose I were a business owner and my religious beliefs told me that all gay people are evil and therefore I should not have to offer them any medical benefits at all because they should all be dead, anyway? Seriously, folks, there are people who think their “religion” justifies this kind of thinking. And it’s probably coming next. That, and a SCOTUS decision that women’s suffrage was a colossal mistake. It seems to be the current court’s goal to set our society back to early 1900’s sensibilities.

And that’s all I have to say about that. For tonight.

So anyway, we had an evening of normalcy. Working on projects that needed to done around the house. Sharing our evening meal on the spur of the moment with a young friend, a classmate of The Boy and Middle Sister, who stopped by to mow our lawn. (He does that. And he sucks up our leaves and clears our snow. Without being asked. He’s amazing.)

imageIt wasn’t a spectacular meal. Individually each part of the meal was really tasty, but it was a “get rid of as many leftovers as possible” night. We managed to cross off a bunch of the “if you want to eat something you must choose something off this list” items. And crossing items off a list is one of my favorite things, so it was at least a meal that made me feel like we’d accomplished something.

After dinner The Boy and The Husband returned to their auto repair projects, and middle Sister and I settled in to watch last night’s series two premier episode of “Endeavor.” An intelligent mystery with excellent production values, and a thrilling addition to “Morse” and “Lewis.”

So for an evening I got to pretend that all is normal and sane in the world. Appreciating that brief respite.


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