ABC’s of Parenting: “T” is for teamwork

Let me say what I’m sure you must be thinking: “Will this series NEVER end?” Well, folks, there’s light at the end of the tunnel – after “t” there are only six more letters to go. I’m just hoping inspiration eventually strikes on that “Z” of parenting, because as of now I’ve got nothing.

I can't say "teamwork" without thinking of Wonder Pets: "What's gonna work? Teamwork!" The kids were way too old for this show by the time it aired, but it was so adorable we sometimes watched it anyway. "This calls for some celewy!"

I can’t say “teamwork” without thinking of Wonder Pets: “What’s gonna work? Teamwork!” The kids were way too old for this show by the time it aired, but it was so adorable we sometimes watched it anyway. “This calls for some celewy!”

But…T for teamwork:

It’s not a word we ever used deliberately in regard to our family, but teamwork was definitely the way we always operated.

Oldest has a viola recital? All five of us went. We practiced concert behavior, we stayed UNTIL THE LAST STUDENT PLAYED. Have you seen those families that get up and leave after their child finishes playing? Way to model social behavior, mom and dad.

Middle Sister’s artwork is on display at the mall? The whole family went for a viewing, and we all complimented her on her painting and drawing.

The Boy has a t-ball game? We all sat on the sidewalk in our folding chairs and watched…or read books…or drew on said sidewalk with chalk we’d hauled along.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Any event that was important to one of us was mandatory for the rest of us. Thankfully, neither The Husband nor I had jobs that required travel. We missed almost nothing, ever.

Household projects were the same. When we redecorated the upstairs bathroom, those that were old enough to be helpful were given tasks. Those who were too young were invited to draw on the walls that were going to be recovered with wainscoting. Actually, that part was so much fun even the older ones among us got in on it.

Work together, play together, support each other. It wasn’t always pretty – for example the part of the kitchen re-do where I literally screamed and cried for an hour when we dinged the new countertop bringing it into the house. And there were sometimes complaints: “Do I HAVE to go to this concert/recital/show? Do I HAVE to be at the birthday party?”

It would have been easier, sometimes, to give in. To say, “no, you can miss this one.” But The Husband and I knew that was a road we didn’t want to go down. We all needed each other – who else would remember the good times of those days? And who else would we lean on for support in the bad times?

We were a great team. And we’ll continue to be a great team, cheering each other on, helping each other, as time marches on and life moves us further apart.


2 thoughts on “ABC’s of Parenting: “T” is for teamwork

  1. Love this. But, there are times we divide up…my 4 year old can’t yet sit thru my almost 7 yr old’s piano 1 1/2 hour piano recital. But, we all went. They just went for a little walk nearby. I was so proud of my almost 7 year old. He was first…done in like 3 min, but sat thru all the rest weary toward the end, but resilient! Thank goodness cake was offered at the reception as a reward! 🙂


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