A functional Fourth

Love having a four-day weekend (ish) for the fourth this year. But not much got done around here yesterday and to be honest I got a little bored. So today has been small project day.

Middle Sister and I cleared out/organized the laundry room, several kitchen cabinets, and the medicine closet. I swear I do the medicine closet more than once a year, but every time I do it I find meds that expired several years ago. This year’s record was some alcohol wipes dated 1997. Winning!

By the time we finished that project, I was spent. But Middle Sister still had the organizing bug, so she did the stationery and school supply drawers in the cabinet we keep in the dining room. Our storage spaces are now so neat and tidy we’ll probably never find anything we need againimage.

While clearing out a kitchen cabinet, one interesting item we unearthed was a box of Snap and Pops – perfect timing! We were surprised to discover that they still popped, so The Husband and The Boy experimented on the back porch while Sister and I kept working. Hmmmm…. But then The Boy redeemed himself by repairing some some spots on our back yard fencing.

Tonight it will be just the four of us, going to our favorite local fireworks display – way south of town, close to the highway, and easy to get in and out of. Normally we spend the 4th with a group of friends, but that didn’t pan out this year, and I truly don’t mind. After a large dinner party last night, and with plans to go to the dinner theater with my dad and his cousin tomorrow night, this introvert needs a breather with just my own, comfortable family – though we’ll all sorely miss our dear Oldest.

Looking forward to a quiet evening punctuated not by loud conversation, but the distant “boom” of fireworks. Happy Fourth, everyone!

Two of ours and a few of our friends', from a Fourth long ago.

Two of ours and a few of our friends’, from a Fourth long ago.


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