Okay, okay…I’ll believe!

I could easily write a LONG post about stress, considering the emotional climate that currently exists in our household. The Husband is still in the process of job searching. He has two good possibilities, but hasn’t gotten a definite answer from either yet. In the midst of all this uncertainty, compounded by the serious stress he experiences due to interviewing and phone calling, the anxiety disorder is rearing its ugly head.

BUT I will choose, instead, to focus on a funny sent to us by Oldest this morning, taken on her walk to work in her neighborhood in Baltimore:

trash can

Speculation is rife. Here are the top questions:

  • Is the garbage pickup in Baltimore so sketchy that it requires extra belief to assume it will actually be picked up?
  • Is this trash can a commentary on some of the really lame quasi-religious crap available for purchase, along the lines of this lovely item seen at a local department store?:

Am I being exhorted to believe in chickens?

  • Or is it some bizarre attempt at proselytizing? Does someone in our daughter’s neighborhood think that urging passers-by to “believe” will somehow bring them to some undetermined faith?

The world may never know.


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