Forgetting things Friday

A lot of people do Throwback Thursday, and some people morph that concept into Flashback Friday.

In my continuing effort to ignore the nastily stressful crap happening in my household, here’s my stab at “Forgetting things Friday.” It will take the form of small, stupid things that happened today that are a lot easier to focus on than the large, unpleasant things:

•Was awakened at 4:00 this morning when the bread machine started beeping because the cinnamon raisin bread I’d put in last night for today’s breakfast finished three hours early. It’s been a long time since I’ve used that machine and its timer…and it involved math…hence the miscalculation. It’s only addition, for Pete’s sake!!!

•New underwear in which the elastic unravels to create a yard-long string hanging down into my pants leg. Aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!

•Going to all the smelly, messy trouble of coloring my hair this morning and then accidentally washing it immediately afterwards, so that the color will probably last a week, tops.

•Doing the grocery shopping and coming home with everything but the one item Middle Sister has been asking for for days. And it’s not even something unhealthy like Oreos or ice cream (both of which are generally at the top of my request list). It was spinach! What kind of terrible mom ignores a child’s request for spinach?

And there you have it – my list of distracting first world problems.


16 thoughts on “Forgetting things Friday

  1. My oncologist told me that places like Locks of Love like “virgin” hair. So…more excuses for me! I don’t cut my hair, and I’m letting the gray in. Sounds like a good enough excuse to me to ignore the things on top of my head.


  2. I touched up my hair last year and made the BIG mistake of throwing the box with the dye tray in the garbage can. It wasn’t difficult to figure out that my dog got into it while I was gone; her furry mouth was dyed brown. 😦 Of course it can be poisonous, depending on the amount ingested so I had to take her to the Emergency Animal Hospital (it was after 6 pm). $200 later, she was declared safe as she hadn’t ingested enough dye. I’ll never make THAT mistake again…


  3. I love the idea of Forgetting things Friday and even though I probably wasn’t supposed to I found your post funny… if you can keep your sense of humour in the bleakest of times you know you’re not doing so bad. Chin up and battle on, peace comes around again eventually.


  4. I recently forgot something my daughter requested from the store too, but I promise it wasn’t healthy, and not even close to spinach!! (okay….strawberry wafers with cream) haha


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