Let’s hear it for the boy…

I am loving this summer; loving having our youngest home from his first year of college. I haven’t seen much of our boy in the last few weeks – he’s either been with his girlfriend or working.

But just this morning I had a long phone conversation with my mom, who is just as enamored of The Boy as I am (and equally enamored of our two girls). And I got musing about how awesome this kid is.

So what follows is a shamelessly self-indulgent post about how I feel about our 19-year-old son.

This is a kid who immediately energizes any room he walks into. Partly because he’s a perpetual motion machine with a mouth that goes 90 miles a minute. But also because he’s fascinated by absolutely everything and so enthusiastic about life that it’s totally contagious. His sense of humor never quits – he keeps us in stitches constantly.

This is a kid who is so self-confident that I have never worried about him bowing to peer pressure. His moral and ethical compass is pointed firmly in the right direction. So if he’s out with a bunch of friends, they know better than to suggest any activity that would include drinking, drugs, or any of the types of behaviors that make parents stay up at night worrying. He’d ridicule them with withering disdain, then walk away.

This is a kid who is both brilliant and talented, who works like crazy at both his schoolwork and his art. A kid who, when given a job to do, gives it 100% and then researches how to do it even better.

All this, though, is not to say that The Boy doesn’t have his faults. His energy and enthusiasm tends to wear people out. His moral and ethical compass cause him to be extremely opinionated and his motor mouth makes him way too vocal about those opinions. There are plenty of people who just find the kid annoying. I get that.

I know he’s not perfect. I know there are other kids who are even more intelligent and talented than he is. I know just how annoying he can be.

But I’m his mom and I love him to pieces exactly the way he is.


The boy and my dad, having a great time together yesterday – The Boy was given tickets to drive a few laps on the NASCAR track north of town. My dad’s hobby is rebuilding and racing vintage cars – such fun for the two of them!


10 thoughts on “Let’s hear it for the boy…

  1. What a lovely post. I think it’s so sad that we have to feel embarrassed to gush about our amazing kids, maybe if we felt more at liberty to do so the world would be a more positive place. I get what you mean about the moral compass thing, my kids have firmly fixed ones too and they can’t help but express their dismay when friends go off on a less healthy route but hey, I’d rather they had a few people think they are holier than thou than my kids follow those people. You’re doing a great job!


    • Thank you, and it sounds like you are, too. It breaks my heart when I hear parents talking about how rotten their kids are, what a pain they are, etc. I truly don’t understand that.


    • I don’t know about that…I’m sure we made tons of mistakes, but at the very least we do love them. Actually, the nice thing is that we really LIKE all of them too!


      • Well, if you made mistakes, sounds like they were okay. Thankfully, kids are resilient. It’s nice liking them–I just wish there was one of mine doing something different than what he is doing. But, since the new job, he seems more like the person who went off to college.


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