Stupid Teen Tricks

So let’s just say you’re a 19-year-old boy (in the newspaper the term would be “19-year-old man” but I would seriously argue against the accuracy of that phrase) and you go out one evening to launch rockets with your family at the middle school around the corner.

And let’s say you lose the last rocket you launch (because you didn’t listen to your mother when she told you it was too dark) and set everyone off to go looking for it. You can’t find it, so what’s the logical thing to do?

Climb onto the roof of said middle school. Of course.

So let’s suppose that your mother shouts at you to get down immediately and you do…and then you make plans to come back in the morning when there’s more light and look again.

Yes, that humanoid figure on the rooftop is my child.

I would like to deny knowing the humanoid figure on the roof top in this photo.

And let’s say your mother tells you in no uncertain terms NOT to do anything stupid while you’re out looking and especially NOT to climb onto the roof of the school. Because A) The depot where all the police cars in the city go to refuel is ONE BLOCK AWAY and therefore cruisers pass by this middle school All. The. Time. And B) This is the school where several of the administrators (who are now back in school to prepare for the coming year) really and truly had it in for you and would LOVE an excuse, all these years later, to have your butt hauled in for trespassing.

In such a case, what would you do? Climb onto the roof of the middle school in broad daylight. Of course.

I am relieved to report that The Boy got away with this stupidity. No surprise there – this kid absolutely lives a charmed existence. However, there will be a conversation this evening over dinner to drive home the fact that should he get picked up for being a COMPLETE FOOL, he should not count on his mother to bail him out or pay any fines. At some point we all have to learn to leave idiocy behind us.


7 thoughts on “Stupid Teen Tricks

    • It’s hard, isn’t it? They want so much to be grown up and they just SO aren’t. And here I am, thinking he’s the most awesome boy God ever created, and worried to death that he’ll do something to ruin his life. I guess that’s the life of a mom…


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