Looking through the eyes of love

Now that I’ve planted that earworm from the 70’s sappiest movie, “Ice Castles,” here are some middle-of-the-night ramblings.

Wide awake at 3:30 am after a nasty dream that was clearly a reaction to a very stupid thing that happened yesterday. Something that scared the
*@%! out of me but turned out to be completely innocuous.

Adding insult to the injury of a bad dream, I’m lying awake feeling rotten for running down my boy in yesterday’s post. Yes, his impulsiveness and his firm belief in his own invincibility can be maddening. But the fact remains that I love The Boy like crazy, and absolutely nothing could change that.

So here’s a little tidbit from yesterday to make up for things:

Every Tuesday (when they’re not at college) The Boy and his girlfriend go to visit a 93-year-old friend in a nearby retirement home. And if the girlfriend is unavailable my boy goes by himself. Their friend is nearly blind and has pretty much no short-term memory. They have to remind her who they are several times during each visit, and get to enjoy re-tellings of the same story multiple times in an hour.

Every week during their time with Lillian they sing together for her. They’ve researched and learned songs Lillian requests (“I’ll Be Loving You…Always” is on the play list every week). He’s told me she’s like a different person when they sing for her – sharper, more lucid, happier. The two teens put together hard copies of her favorite music to leave with her during the week, with the title on the front, “Lillian’s Songs.”

This little story illustrates what else lies within the soul of a “stupid teen.” And it’s this side of my son that I most often choose to dwell on.


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