And history repeats itself…

The Boy and his girlfriend having been planning a trip for months, to take place next weekend – to Davenport, Iowa for the “Quad-City Air Show.” Another big part of their weekend includes the Perseid meteor shower, which they hope to get a view of from a back highway somewhere between Davenport and home.

This adorable young couple’s idea of a fun weekend is so familiar…

The Boy learned his love of all things aircraft from his father. They’ve studied so many aviation books they can identify anything flying overhead, complete with a long explanation of all its specifications (yawn…).

Being a good sport, I spent many, many hours on 105 degree tarmacs as a young adult, following my boyfriend/fiance/new husband to airshows and air museums across the country. I listened dutifully to his excited narration of every flying thing that went past us or that we explored. That phase lasted well into our young parenting years, when The Boy happily took my place at his father’s side at the shows and museums and I could finally retire my feigned enthusiasm.

I don’t know if the sweet young girlfriend is truly interested in the aircraft or not, but she, too is a good sport. She and The Boy are so much alike I wouldn’t be surprised if her interest were a lot more genuine than mine.

Back to the meteor shower…this, too, reminds me of my own young adult days. The boyfriend/fiance/new husband and I drove far out into the country on many a dark night to view interesting celestial events. There was one full lunar eclipse I’ll never forget, for two reasons.

One:  The cattle in the pasture next to our pickup truck TOTALLY freaked out as the moon disappeared behind a shadow. I’ve never heard so much mooing in my life. And once the full moon came back into view, they all grew silent again. Fascinating.

Two: Shortly after we parked for our eclipse adventure I really had to pee. Being way out in the middle of nowhere, I didn’t mind crouching behind the pickup truck. Shorts down, squat, and then…SCREECH! Did you know that the tailpipe on a pickup truck (which stuck out fairly far on The Husband’s Ford) stays hot for quite a while after you cut off the engine? The perfectly circular burn on my butt cheek was a reminder of another kind of full moon for at least a couple of weeks.

Anyway, it’s fun seeing our boy and his delightful girlfriend enjoying the same kinds of entertainment we used to enjoy when we were first starting out. I just hope both of them make it home from their big weekend able to sit comfortably.



6 thoughts on “And history repeats itself…

  1. LOL. I love that–full moon. Interesting fact about the cows too. In 2017, there is a full solar eclipse that has a path over parts of the south. One of the places is where we always go for our cabin vacations. I’m planning ahead. I have experienced this event once in my life while living in Oregon. It was quite the awe inspiring event.

    I hope your son and girlfriend enjoy their road trip.


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