Ooooh, we’re all socially conscious!!

I’m feeling rather pleased with myself after the round of errands we did this afternoon.

It started with Middle Sister getting a wild hair (what a bizarre idiom) and clearing out years’ worth of unused kitchen items from the cabinets. As the stack grew, we decided we really couldn’t store them here for any length of time. And then I thought of several other details around the house that needed dealing with.

So Middle, Sister, The Boy, and I loaded up the van and headed out on a socially conscious tour of our neighborhood.

First stop: Library We returned some borrowed CDs The Boy had requested, so the next person in the “hold” queue could have them.

Second stop: Recycling Center Dropped off a full box of glass we’ve been collecting for several months. Our weekly curbside recycling pick-up doesn’t include glass.

imageThird Stop: Polling site Today is our state’s primary election date. The elderly volunteers at our site were thrilled to see two young people coming in with me to vote. It really made their day when The Boy shared that he worked two elections during his senior year of high school. Our kids have been “voting” since the days when we had to carry them with us to the voting machine and manage the touch screen with one free hand. We’re proud that they all choose to participate in our political process still today.

imageLast Stop: Local charity thrift shop All that great, unused kitchen equipment from today’s clear-out had to go somewhere. I’m glad we have such a great agency so close to home, benefiting those of us who want to give away perfectly good items as well as those who need a helping hand.

Not bad for one afternoon. Lest I get the big head, however, I must remind myself that I probably violated several traffic laws while I was out running these errands in my gas-hog of a van, which was spewing exhaust on an extremely hot summer day. Oh, well. I’ll try to do better tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Ooooh, we’re all socially conscious!!

  1. Good for you for the voting, and your kids too! I should hide in shame because I didn’t know which person to vote for. According to each other, they are all crooks. *sigh*


    • It really is quite an effort to do the research behind who to vote for (or in so many cases who NOT to vote for). Many, many years I just took a wild guess, which is probably worse than not voting at all. But now I have too much time on my hands anyway, so I went ahead and did the research this year.


    • Yes, and none of those errands were planned, except for the voting! Our pick-up company quit doing glass several years ago – it had to do with workman’s comp claims and broken glass injuries.


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