Today’s project

In the continuing saga of re-doing Sunday School rooms at work, today Middle Sister (my partner in crime in most of these projects) and I tackled a room that’s long been a thorn in my side – our Story and Drama classroom. It’s an enormous space, with a closet for storing tons of dress-up costumes and puppets.

Last year we had a major tech overhaul and added a fabulous audio/visual system to the room. It’s awesome, but it also limits the room because one large wall has to be available to project onto.

And there was never a significant focal point for the room. Until today.

When we first got started today, this was just a box of poles and pieces, piles of fabric I’ve collected over the years, and a vague idea in my head.


Now it’s our Story Tent. The idea is that the main storytelling for each lesson will take place in the tent (though the kids will certainly spill out from under the tent itself – our classes are pretty large). And there’s plenty of open floor space remaining elsewhere in the room to do follow-up activities like acting out the story, putting on a puppet show, or creating a video that can then be shown on the A/V system.

I hope the kids and teachers like it as much as I do!


8 thoughts on “Today’s project

    • Thanks! My favorite part is that we’ve put locks on the doors to this room. That sounds mean, but previously kids would get into it and totally trash it when they were at church NOT being supervised by their parents. Now I can create a really cool environment and know that it will be useable next time we want to lead a class there.


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