With the boy away for the weekend and The Husband away indefinitely for his new career (which is going swimmingly, thank heavens), I’m getting a preview of what life is going to be like for the foreseeable future.

Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet.

In some ways the stillness in the house is lovely. Everything is neat and tidy and stays that way almost all the time. No interruptions in my work, my escapist reading, my Netflix binge viewing. Very little laundry and none of the constant jockeying of cars in the driveway to allow someone in or out.

On the other hand…

Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring.

The Husband, as loud and scatterbrained as he is, is great fun to have around. I miss his sense of humor and his running commentary on the oddities of everyday life.

The Boy, as overactive and over-talkative as he is, brightens any room and enlivens any conversation. I miss his constant music, his enthusiastic updates on the latest theory in physics, and his sarcastic wit.

I’m coming up on the one-year anniversary of Mom Goes On. The blog was one of my tools for surviving the loss of our oldest and youngest at the same time at the beginning of last school year.

Blogging has been a lifeline, and will continue to help me stay busy in this quiet, boring house.. But the changes we’re experiencing around here as I pass that anniversary mark are going to require another concentrated effort to create meaningful time-fillers. I’ve got a few ideas bouncing around in my head…

We’ll see what comes of them in the near future.


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