Ten Thoughts Tuesday

Well, it’s 5:30 am and apparently I don’t need any more sleep.

With a lot of thoughts swirling around this early, I figured a “Ten Thoughts Tuesday” might help clear things out. Thank you to Valerie at at Atlanta Mom of Three for the cute graphic!

Here goes:

1. I don’t really mind being up so early because we’re enjoying another spell of unseasonably beautiful August weather here in the Midwest. The cool breeze coming through my bedroom window is a delight – I’m glad to be awake to enjoy it.

2. As usual, I checked FB first thing and was hit again by all the tribute posts to Robin Williams. I have to admit I’ve not seen a great deal of his work – though “Bird Cage” is one of my all-time favorite movies. To be honest, I always had a hard time watching Williams do anything. It was always blatantly obvious to me that he was uncomfortable in his own skin, struggling with something inside. I found it too painful to watch, and it hit a little too close to home and broke my heart.

3. Again about R.W. FB posts – my boy, with the unexpected depth that pops up more and more often as he matures, posted the following:
“It’s amazing how much taboo and misinformation there still is regarding suicide. It’s not your fault you feel bad. You’re not wrong or broken if you feel bad for feeling bad. Get help. Talk about it. People will listen. 1-800-784-2433 http://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

4. We have tickets to the nearby dinner theater this evening – freebies from a friend. What a fun surprise! I’m taking Middle Sister and my writing buddy, Bernadette, and her husband. Good food, good company, and great entertainment. And then only a 5 minute drive home!

5. It’s crunch time at work and I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. This coming Sunday I need to meet with 50 people and lead three different training meetings – while at the same time I have two other people leading two more training meetings. I’m responsible for all five meetings. It helps that I’ve done this routine for years – but it needs to be tweaked and improved every year. It’s the day when I set the tone for the volunteers in my area of ministry for the coming year, and it’s huge. PRESSURE! If I can just get a few hours alone in my office today maybe I can get a handle on the enormous to-do list I’ve got on my desk…

6. The Husband will start his over-the-road driving today. Having passed all his classroom exams with flying colors, now he actually starts driving. He’ll be with a seasoned driver for several weeks. I can’t imagine a fate worse than being thrown together with a stranger in a truck cab day and night for weeks at a time. But he’s loving it.

7. I have my plane tickets to visit Oldest in Baltimore mid-September. Just knowing I have definite plans to spend time with her soon gives me peace of mind.

8. Started reading “Shadows of the Workhouse” by Jennifer Worth last night – one of the memoirs on which the beautiful BBC series “Call the Midwife” is based. Couldn’t put it down and I’m halfway through already. Excellent social history, along with touching stories about very real characters.

9. Two of the brilliant ideas I’d been turning over in my mind to help me cope with serious empty nest around here have both tanked. My Little Free Library grant was turned down (on the “wait list” as they so delicately put it). And I hesitated/deliberated just a few days too long to jump on another project, so someone got there before me…back to the drawing board.

10. In the midst of a crazy work week, we move The Boy back to college this coming Saturday. This second year, at least, I can let go of the “stuff gathering” knowing he’s got a handle on it and doesn’t really want my help – except for a trip to Costco and Target for sundries and snacks. He definitely wants my help with the $$$ for those details. I’m trying to focus on the fact that I’ve done this before, that I know he’ll come back home for visits eventually, and that going away to college has had the magical effect of making him appreciate home and family like never before.

Well, the sky is turning from black to deep blue, and in a few minutes there will be enough sunlight for a cool, sunrise walk.

And the day begins…


6 thoughts on “Ten Thoughts Tuesday

  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your blog address with the Literary Mama readers. I know you … and wonder why you don’t have your name on your blog 🙂 … Would love to see you submit a short essay about your reason for blogging and your reason(s) for anonymity (you, The Husband, The Boy, Oldest, etc) — we’ve not published much along those lines in our After Page One blog series. Check out old blog posts and the Submissions page for more details about word count. [On a personal note: our oldest just returned from driving and camping a week in Colorado … and just now, we returned from Walmart after spending $$$$$ on both boys in anticipation of their return to school. Empty nest in one year — glad I can read your blog for tips!]


    • Good to hear from you! That all sounds familiar – all the old Occasionals group is going through that same stuff nowadays. 🙂 I definitely want to check out the literary mama blog – that will be one of my projects once the nest gets really empty again. And AFTER this week, when I’m trying to prepare for 5 different volunteer orientations I’m responsible for this coming Sunday! I’ll be there soon…


    • Oh, and in answer to your question…the anonymity thing came about kind of by accident. I started Mom Goes On after my co-author and I had been doing our depression blog for a while. We had chosen to go anonymous because of the sensitive nature of a lot of the things we wrote about. Then when I started my personal blog last fall that was just the habit I’d fallen into. If I had to do it again I might well just use names. 🙂


  2. I agree that it was hard to see RW at times. He almost always seemed a bit uncomfortable…or “performing.” That being said, I LOVE many of his movies and feel devastated that he’s gone. WHat your son said was beautiful. I retweeted a tweet with the suicide prevention hotline’s # last night as well.


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