A bird in the hand…

It’s a pretty cool thing when something happens to make you realize how good you have it…especially when that thing is NOT some sort of tragedy.

Yesterday I pulled out of my mailbox a letter from our school district about the volunteer program I became involved in last year. Once a week I worked in a classroom for an hour and a half, and I really enjoyed it. The point of the letter was to find out whether I want to return and what my availability looks like. All good.

But the part of the letter that gave me pause was the fact that the woman who had previously run the district volunteer program has left to pursue another career. They’re in the midst of a search to find her replacement.

Here’s the thing: Last year I saw this person in action and got a feel for what her job entailed, and I couldn’t help but notice that I would be PERFECT for that job. Well, in my own mind at least.

Just because I could, I went to the district website and looked up the job description and details. And it turned out I was right. I possess – in spades – every requirement they’re looking for for this position. The pay grade looked good – more than likely it would mean an increase over my current salary.

For a half an hour or so, I considered putting in an application. My finger was itching to hit the “start here” button on the screen.

Thankfully, I’m not that impulsive. Rather than rashly hitting that button I thought through the scenario of getting the job. Because, quite honestly, I’m pretty certain that if I applied I would get it.  I have exactly the right degree, exactly the right career experience, exactly the right familiarity with the program, and exactly the right skills. And – yes, I’m slightly pleased with myself here – I have never NOT gotten a job I’ve interviewed for.

It didn’t’ take long to recognize that the “cons” would far outweigh the “pros.” Yes, it would be more money and a new challenge just at a point in my life when I’m needing one. It would mean far less of the “take the job home every day and worry about it all night long” thing I live with due to the nature of my church job.

But it would also mean working in a building (our administration center) that has a hushed and not exactly warm and friendly atmosphere. It would mean dressing up every day (no more sweat pants and hoodies for work clothes). I do NOT like the direction the administration of the district is going, and am very wary of the new superintendent. There would be no more flexibility in hours, vacation, and days off – no leaving work early to drive three hours and see The Boy’s choral performances. I’d no longer be working on a team with people I trust, respect, and care for, and who are just plain FUN to be with.

And so, with just a bit of regret, I closed up the district website, set the letter aside to answer later, and moved on.

Nice to know that I really do like what I do.


6 thoughts on “A bird in the hand…

    • Thanks for that vote of confidence. I remembered just last night that the job in question comes with MUCH better health insurance than I currently have. That made me think again, but not for very long…

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