Splish splash – I was takin’ a bath


medium_4634672177Warning: Frivolous post ahead.

I grew up using a towel twice before tossing it into the hamper. But The Husband (trained carefully by his seriously anal mother) is quite certain that he will curl up and die if a pre-used towel touches his sensitive skin. He passed this misconception on our three children. And so for YEARS AND YEARS I had to process a load of bath towels, each with an accompanying wash cloth (face flannel, wash rag, whatever you call it) EVERY OTHER DAY. Even after the children were old enough to take on laundry chores, it was still an onerous task.

But then two kids at our house moved away from home for college and learned a survival skill almost immediately – namely that it will not kill you to use a bath towel more than once without washing it. How did they learn this lesson?  They had to do all their own laundry, all the time.

So that’s led to an interesting phenomenon when they’re home. Because, magically, the moment they pass through the front door,  their delicate forms revert to requiring a clean towel every day. Strange…

But with The Husband on the road, Oldest 17 hours away, and The Boy moving back to college this weekend, my towel burden will be seriously eased. It’s one of the few things I can celebrate about having such an empty household.

Another odd bathroom linen issue Oldest Sister identified as a result of living away from home: Apparently most of the people she’s lived with in apartments and dorms DO NOT USE A WASHCLOTH when they shower.

So she posted a question on Facebook early this week, asking whether her FB friends use one of those small, square pieces of toweling while in the shower. The overwhelming majority of replies were “NO.”

I’m thrilled to be down to one load of towels per week starting next week when our household is reduced to two. But this washcloth thing?  I am seriously concerned about the hygiene of the general public.

photo credit: Shabby Chic via photopin cc


6 thoughts on “Splish splash – I was takin’ a bath

    • True! Our oldest is happy to let me do all the cooking when she’s home, though she has to cater for herself when she’s away. The Boy, however, truly would starve to death if he didn’t have access to the university meal plan. He just can’t be bothered with food prep at all.


  1. Do what I do….fold and replace back in the linen closet without washing a once used towel. My boys have no idea i did not wash the ones only used once. They simply grab off the top of the pile and think they are all washed.
    NOTE: Do not do this with wet used towels. Let them hang all day or overnight(depending on when you shower) so they are completely dry before folding and replacing back in the closet)

    I also use a puff thing and no washcloth:)


    • Brilliant tactic! I wonder if I couild get away with that. I would NEVER fold up a damp towel…we call The Husband “Mildew Man” because he’s so sensitive to mildew he drives me nuts with it. 🙂


  2. Haha, I figure if we each have our own towel and dry our clean bodies on it, it can go three or four showers. I am now questioning my cleanliness hahah. Oh, and I don’t use a wash cloth in the shower either, I use a puff thing. 🙂


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