Moving day

Well. Things happened yesterday.

On a day when my to-do-list included: five loads of The Boy’s laundry in preparation for his move back to school, trips to Costco and the grocery store for many items that needed refrigerating, and paying bills online…guess what? The power was out for three hours.

It came back on literally 15 seconds after we’d gone to all the trouble to put our vital refrigerated items on ice.

So that happened.

The Boy and his girlfriend spent the entire day packing, labeling, and loading his stuff. My van and his Jeep were completely ready to go before dinner.

imageAfter dinner The Boy gave his sister and me an inservice on checking the fluids and tire pressure in our vehicles. I was forced to learn all that stuff many years ago before I was allowed to drive my first car, but that was…many years ago. With the husband traveling and son away at school I have to deal with these things again. Bleh.

And The Husband called from his overnight-in-a-truck-sleeper-cab location and we had our first good, long, phone visit in over a week. Boy, would I hate, hate, hate, the over the road life. But he’s having a ball, and it was great to hear all about it.

So yeah, that stuff happened, too.

This morning I was wide awake at 4:00 am. I’ll get up in a few minutes to shower and make a nice breakfast for the three of us – my last hurrah of mom-cooking.

We’ll hit the highway about 7:00 for what promises to be a hot, sticky, physically/emotionally exhausting day.

Here we go…


8 thoughts on “Moving day

    • Well, we thought so…until we got there and realized his new room was vastly different (and much better than) from last year – so there were quite a few new things he needed to buy. But it was fun doing one last shopping trip together.


  1. I didn’t want to like this post because I feel your pain. At first, I thought that was a huge bottle of laundry detergent your son was taking off to college to wash his towels. Safe travels to you, and best wishes to your son for a second year of college.


    • Thank you. I’m REALLY glad to be so very busy at work right now. Going home at the end of the day is not nearly as much fun as it used to be, so being distracted all day long helps a little…


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