A holding-my-breath kind of week

So. We have The Boy moved in and he’s dealing with all of his stuff quite nicely, as always.

I got through the HUGE work day yesterday, with five successful meetings and lots of enthusiasm for the coming program year. The only glitches were technical: some incorrect email addresses so a few people hadn’t even gotten the word they were supposed to be here; a curriculum website that won’t allow my teachers access to their lessons; an A/V system that didn’t work for a presentation. We coped.

And now I’ve got a weird in-between week. Learning all over again to live in a boy-less house is rough. But starting next week, Middle Sister will be back in her classes, and working a couple of small, very part-time jobs. When she is home she’ll be swamped with her reading- and writing-intensive courses.

So she and I are planning some fun, last-hoorah-type stuff to do this week, before life does its next morph.

Plenty to do at work still – there’s another huge event coming right around the corner. That will help some.

Planning and anticipating my trip to see Oldest in a month will help, too.

A writing project with my favorite neighbor and co-author will help me occupy my time.

At some point The Husband will complete his initial driver training period and we’ll settle into the rhythm of his new schedule.

But still, I’m holding my breath. Because (SILENT GROAN) this new life promises to be hard.



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