One of these days…

garrett on WSU mailingThis fine arts promotional catalog from our son’s university arrived in our mailbox today. Middle Sister texted me the photo while I was at work, because she immediately noticed that the guy in the high white wig and silly pants on the top is her brother, from his role last spring in “Die Fledermaus.” It wasn’t even a big part – just chorus, for his freshman year.

And Middle Sister and I texted each other at the same time: “The kid continues to live a charmed existence.”

Just some of the evidence for this unison statement:

In grade school he won a county-wide essay contest that got him a big gift card to Toys R Us.

He enrolled in choir on a whim in 8th grade and was shortly named to the all-state middle level choir.

Because our boy was the lead in every show in high school his last couple of years, his picture was on our district website repeatedly.

He won a nice scholarship in the “classical voice” category in a county-wide (and very competitive) arts program.

He (following in his two sisters’ footsteps) was a National Merit Finalist and (unlike his sisters) translated that accomplishment into a full ride for college.

Throughout high school he repeatedly was given solo performances in important choral venues.

Great jobs fall into his lap all the time – like the fact that just as he was heading back to school the bakery he works for decided to start selling in his college town. So he’ll be able to do well-paying sampling gigs while he’s away at school. Like the fact that he was asked to get PAID to sing in a church choir during the school year. Fifty bucks a week, no less.

For years I kept thinking that one day his luck would run out. If the law of probability holds out, one of these days his luck really will fail.

But – holy cow! It’s nice while it lasts. 🙂


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