So many choices…

cattle pensI’ve been wanting to get a photo of this sign for years. We pass it every time we drive through the Flint Hills to get to Wichita, which we were doing at least once a year even before The Boy started college there.

It’s pretty likely I have a really stupid sense of humor…but here are just a few of the questions/comebacks that run through my mind when I see this highway sign:

  • All the cows I know prefer pencils.
  • Cattle can’t even read. How are they supposed to know where to go to get their pens?
  • Cattle have terrible handwriting – there is no sense making a special place for them to get pens.
  • There’s no way cattle can  hold pens –  they don’t even have opposable  thumbs!

There. I’ve got it out of my system.


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